BCB Clubhouse is the online space for kids to hang out, and for parents, aunts, everyone to find the best books to buy for the children in their lives.

BCB Clubhouse makes choosing books for your children – from babies up to eleven or twelve years old – easy and enjoyable…

  • We choose a SELECT RANGE of 4 or 5 of the best new books each month, so you’re not overwhelmed by hundreds of titles
  • We make it easy for you by sending the monthly book directly to the child.

Select each cover to read about the book

BCB Clubhouse Members, which one will you choose? Pick your book before 20 September to receive it soon.

I was delighted to hear this reaction from a BCB Clubhouse member who rang to tell me that The Little Lunch books are her and her dad’s number one favourite books and movie. Well, her number two favourite movie after Pokemon because she loves Pokemon, but she is very, very happy with her books for August.


At BCB Clubhouse you can pick the best books to read every month. It’s also for grown ups who want suggestions about new releases to buy for children, from babies up to 11 and 12 year olds.

Buying gift memberships (with a book a month included) is as easy as saying ‘Once upon a time’. See the Plan page for details.

BCB Clubhouse Members, you can choose a book every month from our selection. When it arrives in your letterbox you have the fun of opening the parcel and discovering stories filled with wizards, birds, treehouse and other kids, from Australia and around the world.



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