At the Zoo I See

Author Joshua Button, Robyn Wells

Illustrator Joshua Button

Publisher Magabala

Genre Board book

Series Young Art series

The first title in Magabala’s new ‘Young Art’ board book series, showcasing the work of young Indigenous artists.

This delightful book for early childhood will enthrall young children and their older readers. The vibrant illustrations are accompanied by a soft lyrical text and together they introduce some of the diverse native and exotic animals to be found in Australian zoos. A ‘surprised lion’, ‘pacing jaguar’, ‘grinning gorilla’, ‘devoted elephant’ and a ‘queenly cassowary’ are just some of the featured zoo animals that will tug at the heartstrings in this fabulous animal parade.

For the littlest readers and their family

Joshua-ButtonJoshua Button is descended from the Walmajarri people of the East Kimberley. As a young boy growing up in the far north of Western Australia, Joshua spent many weekends fishing and crabbing in the mangroves with his family. His keen interest in the saltwater country is expressed in the insightful and evocative artwork of his first picture book, Joshua and the Two Crabs (Magabala Books 2008), produced with the help of his friend and mentor, Robyn Wells as part of a school literacy program.

In 2006, Joshua and Robyn began the ten-year collaborative and creative journey of Steve goes to Carnival, an extraordinary and joy-filled story about a jazz-loving gorilla called Steve who lives in a zoo in Rio (Magabala Books 2016).

Joshua works part-time as an Aboriginal Teaching Assistant in Broome.

Robyn Wells has a degree in Fine Arts and has lived in the Kimberley for many years. She is passionate about enabling young people to express themselves through language and art.

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