Creatures of Magic

Author Maree Fenton-Smith

Illustrator Lilly Piri

Publisher Walker Books Australia

Genre Children's fiction

A magical and gently humorous story that explores themes of friendship, family and adventure.

Creatures of Magic, noun the preferred name for modern witches.

Witches next door. Strange transformations in the night. Hooded figures on the street. And a new friend.

When Violet Brown and her magical family move in next door, Anna’s world becomes much more exciting – and dangerous. Violet needs her help to fight off the Inquisitors who want to destroy her family. But can Violet be trusted?

Maree Fenton-Smith grew up in Wagga Wagga in south-western New South Wales with four siblings, two parents and lots of animals. She studied English and Social Work at university and now lives in the inner west in Sydney with four children, one husband and a cat called Rosebud. Creatures of Magic is her first novel.


Lilly Piri is a visual artist and illustrator from Queensland, Australia. She moved to Germany in 2007, and wandered home in 2011, with three solo exhibitions and fluent Deutsch under her belt. Her work has been featured in Frankie, Yen, Empty, Semi-Permanent, Curvy and she has worked with clients such as Oxfam America, MILK Japan, Poketo, Harper’s Bazaar, Ironfist, and Saatchi & Saatchi. She is represented by the Jacky Winter group, in Melbourne, and Retrospect Galleries, in Byron Bay. Creatures of Magic is her first title with Walker Books Australia.

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