Elizabeth and Zenobia

Author Jessica Miller

Publisher Text Publishing

Genres Children's fiction, Fantasy

A wonderfully mysterious adventure story about friendship and courage and the power of imagination.

Timid Elizabeth and her unusual and fearless friend Zenobia arrive at Witheringe House, the old manor where Elizabeth’s father and he beloved sister Tourmaline lived as children. Zenobia loves it—she’s convinced it’s haunted and is eager to make contact with a spirit presence. Elizabeth is relieved when her efforts seem to come to nothing.

But strange things begin to happen at Witheringe House, especially in the East Wing, where Elizabeth and Zenobia have been forbidden to explore.

Why do the flowers and vines on the wallpaper in the nursery seem to be alive? Could it have something to do with the strange book that tells a different story after midnight? And what really happened to Tourmaline all those years ago?

For ages 10 to 12

Jessica-MillerJessica Miller is a children’s writer and PhD student from Brisbane, currently living in Germany. She has written for a variety of publications including Kill Your Darlings and Stilts. Elizabeth and Zenobia is her first novel.

Jessica writers: ‘The books I loved as a child, and the children’s books I’m drawn to as an adult reader of children’s books, often have some kind of dark or gothic element. For a certain type of reader, there’s lots of pleasure in reading about things that are mysterious, or creepy, or even downright scary.’

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