Encore, Mr William Shapespeare! & Bad Dog Bonnie

Two books are better than one!

Author Marcia Williams/ Bel Mooney

Publisher Walker Books

What brings Shakespeare and Bonnie the dog together? You tell me. Perhaps it’s fun.

This might be an unusual combination but these books are great fun on their own so even better together.


Encore, Mr William Shakespeare! Activity Book

A brilliantly original and creative sticker activity book from master storyteller Marcia Williams, celebrating Mr William Shakespeare and five of his best-loved plays.

Explore five of Mr William Shakespeare’s best-loved plays with this brilliantly original sticker activity book from bestselling author/illustrator Marcia Williams. Featuring activities inspired by The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, Much Ado About Nothing, Antony and Cleopatra and Twelfth Night. Use your stickers to help Portia disguise herself as a lawyer to save the merchant of Venice, put Richard III on the battlefield ready for his final battle, and learn to translate hieroglyphics to find out what Cleopatra is saying to Antony! A fun-packed, interactive introduction to Shakespeare, with word searches, mazes, drawing, colouring and over a hundred stickers!

Published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Marcia Williams has established herself as the queen of Shakespeare for children – her comic strip retellings of Shakespeare’s plays are modern children’s classics.

Marcia illustrated the Shakespeare Passport for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, which went out to over 200,000 school children.

For age 7 up


Marcia Williams is the much-loved author and illustrator of over thirty books for children. She is particularly well known for her comic-strip retellings of classics, including the bestselling Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays and Bravo, Mr William Shakespeare!, and her fun, accessible introductions to history, including The Tudors: Kings, Queens, Scribes and Ferrets, and The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice. She lives in London.


Bad Dog Bonnie

Bonnie is behaving badly – will she and Harry both end up in the doghouse?

Bonnie the tiny, fluffy white dog keeps getting into all kinds of scrapes, and Mum is not impressed. First of all Bonnie hides the phone bill, then she steals Harry s school shoes, and when she attacks the new postman, Mum decides it s time for a visit to the Dog Training Centre. But Bonnie isn t your average problem pooch and the most important lesson they learn at Dog School is that there s one thing more important than rules: fun!

Racing Reads are pacy and engaging first novels for the newly independent reader. Each book is extensively illustrated and the story-per-chapter structure is ideal for building reading confidence.

‘A small fluffy dog with a big heart, who shows she can take on the world when she needs to.’  The Glasgow Herald

For age 7 up


Bel Mooney is a journalist, broadcaster and author. These books are based on Bel s own tiny white Maltese dog, also called Bonnie.


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