Mister Cassowary

Author Samantha Wheeler

Publisher UQP

Genre Children's fiction

A thrilling and heart-pounding Australian adventure for animal lovers everywhere.

Big bird. Big mystery. Can Flynn solve it?
From the author of bestselling Smooch & Rose and Spud & Charli, Mister Cassowary is a thrilling adventure about these unique and dangerous birds.
City boy Flynn is taken to Mission Beach by his dad to help get his Grandad Barney’s banana farm ready for sale. Flynn has never been north before, even when his grandad was alive, and the last thing he wants to do is to be stuck in the middle of woop-woop with his dad, who thinks Flynn is too young to be trusted with anything!
But when Flynn meets Abby and two lost baby cassowaries things become interesting. What does Abby know about Grandad’s mysterious death? And why does Dad refuse to talk about it and seem so scared of the cassowaries? Did this dinosaur-like bird kill Grandad?
Time is running out and Flynn and Abby need a plan. Can Flynn solve the mystery before it is too late for the cassowaries?
Ages 6 to 10

Photo by Jack Venables

Photo by Jack Venables

Samantha Wheeler lives in Brisbane with her family and many animals. Her first story took shape during a writing course at the Queensland Writers Centre in 2009 and was accepted into the inaugural Allen & Unwin Children’s Manuscript Development Program in 2010. She went on to have a short story published in the One Book Many Brisbanes anthology and to write Smooch & Rose, her first children’s novel, inspired by a local strawberry farm and her concern for Queensland’s koalas.

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