Numerical Street

Author Hilary Bell

Illustrator Antonia Pesenti

Publisher New South Books

Genre Hardback picture book

Colourful, fun, familiar and enticing. Take a walk up Numerical Street to see what you can discover!

Count as you walk up Numerical Street.
Every page has a numerical treat.
Get your pants altered, get your keys cut,
Open the book before the shops shut.

From the creators of bestselling Alphabetical Sydney comes a walk up busy Numerical Street, past its laundromats, cake shops, panel beaters and hair salons. A fresh look at familiar shops and businesses, the vibrant illustrations and playful verse of Numerical Street celebrate the jostle and chaos of suburban streetscapes.

Age range 3 to 8

Hardback,  32 pages, 210 x 240mm


hb_ap_photo.jpg.400x0_q20Antonia Pesenti (architect and illustrator) and Hilary Bell (playwright and author) are creators of the picture books Alphabetical Sydney and Numerical Street.



Read Hilary and Anotina’s blog post to find out more about Numerical Street.

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