Princess Bethany and the Unicorn

Author Pamela Freeman

Translated by Tamsin Ainslie

Genre Children's fiction

Series Princess Bethany series

Book 1 in the Princess Bethany fantasy series by award-winning fantasy writer, Pamela Freeman

A sweet, magical, gift-sized tale.

Princess Betony’s mother is a dryad and misses the Wild Magic of the Dark Forest. When the princess sees her mother running into the Dark Forest, Betony is worried she will never return. Humans are forbidden to enter the Forest. Betony doesn’t care. She has to find her mother, no matter what. But first she must catch a unicorn!

For ages 7+

Pamela Freeman is an award-winning children s author whose work ranges from picture books to young adult novels and she is best known for her Floramonde series of fantasy novels which include The Willow Tree’s Daughter, Windrider and The Centre of Magic. The Castings Trilogy is Pamela’s highly successful fantasy series for adults published by Hachette Australia. In addition to this, she teaches creative writing to adults at the Australian¬†Writers Centre.

Tamsin Ainslie lives in Northern NSW where she spends her time illustrating children s books, drawing, painting, making chocolate brownies and surfing. She started drawing at an early age, making books and keeping illustrated journals.


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