Author Tania McCartney

Illustrator Jess Racklyeft

Publisher EK Books

Genre Picture book

A flippable picture book! Read it one way and discover all about smiling. Turn it over and find out some of the reasons why people cry (but they are happy in the end).

This book flips! Start one way and you’ll read all about SMILES. One of my favourite pages is: ‘A what to do now smile.’

Turn the book over and it’s all about times when we CRY. My Favourite: ‘A tutu in the wash cry.’

In happy illustrations (even in CRY), the pig, rabbit and cat-type characters explore the emotional range of childhood. These three adorable friends respond to everyday life and what it has to offer. Young kids will engage with the whimsical illustrations, while older readers will learn more about their emotions — how it’s possible to cry with happiness or smile with trepidation. SMILE/CRY encourages kids to have a deeper understanding of their emotions, in all their complexity. I like the message which comes through the book that whether you are laughing or crying, your friends will be there for you, as they come together in the middle.

This lovely and very original picture book combines the talents of an award-winning author with an international acclaimed illustrator. The result is funny and honest.

Ages: babies to 8 or 9

Tania McCartney is an award-winning author of both children’s and adult books, with a particular passion for picture books. An experienced editor, illustrator, speaker and publisher, she has written over a thousand articles and reviews, both in print and online. She is also the founder of Kids’ Book Review, one of the foremost children’s literacy websites and an Australian Ambassador for the National Year of Reading (2012). Her previous books with EK Books include An Aussie Year, Peas in a Pod and Tottie and Dot.

Jess Racklyeft works with a medley of materials including watercolours, paints and digital bits and pieces. She was selected for Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators of the World 2013/2014 and the Etsy Design Awards, and has been a finalist in the Kids’ Book Review Illustration Competition. Along with creating picture books, Jess works with Australian card companies, US-based agency Astound, and sells prints through markets and bookshops. She is involved in Illustrators Australia and writes for their magazine Outline. In her spare time, she creates paintings in conjunction with her three-year-old daughter.

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