This Girl That Girl

Author Charlotte Lance

Publisher Allen & Unwin

Series Hardback picture book

A funny and heartwarming story beautifully illustrated with crazy illustrations, all about people being different while having lots of things in common.

A gorgeous, clever and playful picture book about two girls who live next door to each other, but have completely opposite approaches to the world.

This is this girl, and that is that girl. This girl likes to do things like this, and that girl likes to do things like that.Even though they’re next-door neighbours, this girl and that girl are miles apart. Or are they?One day, with a little help from their dads, they make a surprising discovery.

A funny and heartwarming story about this and that and everything in between.

¬†Charlotte Lance writes: ‘The idea came about because I have two boys who are so different from each other. One is tidy, one is messy. One loves to be organised and one wouldn’t notice if the house burnt down. I wanted to make a story for kids about the idea that no matter how different two people are we all share some similarities, even if it’s the tiniest detail. I also like the idea that whoever we are, we usually get to where we’re going in our very own ways.’

Charlotte Lance has illustrated several children’s books including A Really Super Hero and I Have a Dog (An Inconvenient Dog). The detailed worlds she creates have stories within stories and her illustrations are hilariously lively. As the mother of two wild boys she often draws on her everyday life for inspiration and hilarity. She also has the uncanny knack of creating scenes that truly come to life.

Hardback for ages 4-7

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