Two Tengu Tales from Japan

Author Duncan Ball

Illustrator David Allan

Publisher Christmas Press Picture Books

Genre Junior fiction

Two beautifully illustrated tales of mischievous goblins from Japanese folk lore… or are they? Perhaps the tengu are real.

The tengu, as you probably know, are shape-shifting mountain goblins who grant wishes to those who ask them. But would you trust a goblin? You might find you don’t get exactly what you wish for. The tengu are skilled warriors and love nothing more than making mischief. Find out in these folk tales what these goblin guys get up to in the mountains of Japan.

Duncan Ball introduces young readers to the folk world of  Japan

David Allan’s  illustrations are inspired by classic Japanese art.

Age: 7+


Duncan Ball was born in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. When Ball was a teenager he became interested in painting and drawing. Ball finished high school in America and then got a job and saved money up to travel. He went to Paris, France, and started a university course. Ball moved to Sydney in 1974 and worked as an Industrial Chemist, doing chemical research. He continued to paint and write in his spare time. He wrote a novel for adults and, later, got a job as the editor of the School Magazine at the Department of Education of New South Wales. There he learned much about children’s books and realized that that was what he truly wanted to write. After a few years Ball quit his job and started writing full-time. His works include the Selby Series of books and the Emily Eyefinger Series.

David Allan is an illustrator and artist whose first picture book, Two Trickster Tales from Russia, was published by Christmas Press in 2013. He has exhibited paintings in several solo and group shows, and lives in the New England region of NSW.

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