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Return of the Dinosaurs

Bronwyn Houston

November 30, 2016


Hi, I’m Bronwyn

I’m an artist, illustrator and author. But I’m mostly a mum! I have four kids who all love books and art too.

I love nature and I get many of my ideas from being outdoors, in the garden, at the beach, in the bush and when I’m spending time with my kids. I really enjoy encouraging them to get creative. They all love art and we often paint or draw together. (And make a lot of mess together!)

Ben and Jesse drawing.

Ben and Jesse drawing.

I grew up in Broome, Western Australia, and when I was a kid we spent lots of time at the beach. We would clamber over the rocks and swim and explore for hours!

Broome is exceptionally special to me. It has so many hidden treasures, but one treasure that lies out in the open are the dinosaur prints and fossils. We used to sit in giant ‘pools’ that I now realise were the footprints of Sauropods, like a Brachiosaurus. I found them fascinating.

I wondered, what would dinosaurs do if they still lived in Broome, or if they came back to visit? Would they go to the beach? Watch a movie? What kind of movie would they watch? Would they eat everyone or be friendly? What would they like about our new world? Out of these ideas and questions Return of the Dinosaurs was created.


A peak inside the pages of RETURN OF THE DINOSAURS

When I get an idea for a story I often write a full draft out quite quickly.

I love the burst of thoughts, characters and designs that stream from one single idea. I love drawing out the draft pages, the ‘storyboard’: miniature samples of how each page might look. All of a sudden the ideas bouncing around in my head are out on paper for everyone to understand.

dino storyboard 8-11c#4BFA2

Some of the storyboards for the pages of DINOSAURS

I love to experiment with many different mediums and styles. I use acrylic paint, watercolours, pencils, chalks, inks and collage. So my illustrations become a beautiful mix of many different textures and patterns.

Once I draft out a book and sketch all of the pages, I can see what types of patterns and textures I will need. When I began creating dinosaurs I was looking for ways I could make the dinosaur skin texture with paints, paper and patterns. I think this is one of the coolest parts of creating my books. Hands-on art.

Once I’ve finished creating all of the textures I need, the artwork is scanned into my computer and I continue to create the illustrations digitally in Photoshop.

The textures used in RETURN OF THE DINOSAURS

The textures used in RETURN OF THE DINOSAURS

At this point I can change things around, change colours, add effects and details. It’s pretty handy and fun! It’s like creating a collage on the computer.

It can take me between 8 to 12 weeks to complete a book. (Sometimes longer if my children don’t behave themselves, haha!)

There is incredible satisfaction in completing a book and having a copy in your hands. It’s a wonderful job.
I hope you enjoy Return of the Dinosaurs!



The cover!

Bronwyn has written four books, including ANIMALS IN MY GARDEN

Bronwyn has written four books, including ANIMALS IN MY GARDEN, published by Magabala Books.